Marion Lichtle (english version)

From Identità Golose 2011, Chef at the Mirror.. c'est-à-dire my "food and wine" personal revision of the Proust's game.

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Foto Brambilla - Serrani courtesy of Identità Golose
Which is your first memory related to food?
When I was a little kid I think, like everybody. My mom is from Germany and she kept the german Xmas tradition that were very important in my home. With mom we started a month before Xmas to make all the Xmas german bisquitts. All the houses made of Vanilla, Cinnamon, Ginger. I think the first touch with food was pastry, bisquitts pastry which went round and round because we were little kids. It was fantastic.

Which is the main trait of your personality?
The professionality.

Which is the ingredient you like to use more when you cook?
Well, mainly fruits. I can't avoid the fruits.

And the one you try to avoid?
That's very difficult. Till yesterday I would have said milk chocolate, but now I discovered milk chocolate with caramel that I love. Let's say it was milk chocolate but not anymore (ed. laughing)

When you are not cooking which is your favorite activity?

If you can bring back to life a famous chef from the past and get one of his recipes in exchange, who will he be?
Fernand Point

Which is your motto?
Let's go girls! (ed. laughing)

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
I don't know. To be alive, to be here today (ed. at Identità Golose) and to still love this job that it's soo difficult but I love it.

What has been the happiest moment in your life
There are lots. The ones that we share in our memory, I try to eliminate all the rest. I was very happy in London, I grew up in London for ten years, then moving to Rome, and I'm still in Rome and I'm still happy. They are all happy memories.

For which historical figures you would had love to cook for?

To whom historical figures you would have add a pinch of arsenic?
Oh yes, there are lots of them.. line them up! (ed laughing out loud)
All the today's politicians for example! We don't do politicians.. real chef, I mean. They know so they don't come to me (ed. what a bummer, it could have been a great chance to refresh a bit the political class..ahah)

What is your greatest extravagance?
I don't have any.
Cooking is a form of art, talking about other forms of arts who is your favorite painter?
When I were a Kid I was fascinated by Escher

And your favorite composer/ musician?
I grew up with Mozart in my family, very happy.

Which is the last book you read?
Oh.. there are lots of them, I read one a week. I read everything. I read, of course, cooking books but also lots of noir.. I really read everything.

Which music will you choose as soundtrak of your life?
Happy music, any of it.. it can be techno, it can be anything else.. but have to be happy and very joyful

A secret wish that you dream will come true.
Find balance and equilibrium between life and work that for us chefs is the main problem today. Open a restaurant doesn't help, but now we are here (ed.: laughing)

Women spend most of their time cooking, nevertheless most of the best chef in the world are male. Could you help us to solve this arcane?
It will change. That was a very very old mentality. When I went to chef's school, 23 years ago, I was the only girl of a class of thirty. They didn't want me and this was the reason I continued. It's an hard job, and lots of time women have to say no to other things like family and stability.. and that's a big thing! But I'm sure it will change.

Have you ever used your cooking skill to seduce someone?
Oh, everyday! (ed.: laughing)

Did it work?
Oh yes, of course!

Would you share a recipe with "Rosa Shokking" Women?
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