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From Identità Golose 2011, Chef at the Mirror.. c'est-à-dire my "food and wine" personal revision of the Proust's game.

di Anna Battaini

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Foto Brambilla - Serrani courtesy of Identità Golose
Which is your first memory related to food
I think It's being around the table. I've been from an indian culture and eating around the table was very much part of it and food was very inportant to the house. Sitting together as a communion all eating was probably my first food memory.

Which is the main trait of your personality?

Which is the ingredient you like to use more when you cook?
I have no favourite ingredients, but I like things that are not used particularly often.. something that is obscure and hopefully give me some gastronomical value.

And the one you try to avoid?
Anything out of season

When you are not cooking which is your favorite activity?
I like squash, I like weight training, I like eating out. I love eating out, I love sitting by the table, I love going to restaurants and I like going to restaurants where I don't want to be a chef, I'm a customer. I love this feeling. I can switch off, a lot of chefs can't but I can.

If you can bring back to life a famous chef from the past and get one of his recipes in exchange, who will he be?
This is a very difficult question. Maybe some really old chinese guy, the kind that invented dim sum or something crazy like that.

Which is your motto?
Is trying to be as honest as you can

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Having a restaurant. It's my dream you know. And working in it, stay in business is something I thrive on. and I think is good for us to have a recession cause it makes you sharper and more aggressive in your way to run a business.

What has been the happiest moment in your life
Has been several but I can't pinpoint them. There is nothing coming to my mind, honestly. I don't like looking at the past, it doesn't suit my character. I like to move on cause I don't want to celebrate something that has gone.

For which historical figures you would had love to cook for?
No one, I'm not build like that.

To whom historical figures you would have add a pinch of arsenic?
This is a very difficult question too, and once again no names comes to my mind.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Cooking is a form of art, talking about other forms of arts who is your favorite painter?
I like Mark Rothko, I like Jackson Pollock and I love Dalì, yes the favourite is Dalì.

And your favorite composer or musician?

Which is the last book you read, or the one you are reading in this very moment?
I've borrowed my wife's book, is the book of dreams and I've read two pages. It's srange.

Which music will you choose as soundtrak of your life?
1980's Hip-Hop that was the time of my life when I felt in love with music, therefore all the music from that particular area.

A secret wish that you dream will come true.
If is a secret why am I suppose to tell? (ed. laughing.. )

Women spend most of their time cooking, nevertheless most of the best chef in the world are male. Could you help us to solve this arcane?
It's purely biological. It's because women will have children and that means will have to go back to the family. They have to, and that's what happened in history. There were some brilliant female chefs out there that can piss of male chefs, but for family reasons had to leave the kitchen.

Have you ever used your cooking skill to seduce someone?
Yes, my wife.

Did it work?
And it works. (ed. laughing.. )

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