Intervista in LINGUA ORIGINALE a Julie Buxbaum, autrice di "Dopo di te"

Julie Buxbaum gave MRS some inputs about her new book “After you”

di Silvia Menini

Pubblicato lunedi, 8 novembre 2010

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What is the difference between writing the first book and the second one? How characters change and How YOU change in the writing process?
I always like to joke that by writing one book, you learn what you are interested in.  You write two, you find out what you should be talking to your therapist about.  In writing the second book, I realized that I'm endlessly obsessed with looking at the different ways in which people deal with loss and its multitude of aftershocks.  I'm not sure that I changed so much in the writing process, but the book is definitely an expression of some of what I was grappling with at the time of writing.  I became intensely interested in the question of how well we know the people we love. 
After You is a story made around a loss. Friend’s, Mother’s and Wife’s loss. How did you choose this subject and how did you build the psychological side of the characters?
As I already mentioned, I am fascinated with the grief process, and how it can impact our lives, even years after the fact.  I think in order to build the psychological side of characters, you have to truly understand them, actually know them. That means knowing their entire histories, understanding the depth and complexities of their relationships, and then taking that knowledge and putting it on to the page.
What does the loss of Lucy represent for each character?
Although we only get to hear Ellie's point of view, Lucy's loss is experienced very differently by each character.  Ellie lost a best friend. Greg lost his wife.  Sophie lost her mother.  All very different types of loss, and consequently we see each of these characters grieving in disparate ways.
Boston& London. 2 towns that are present in After you: what do they represent for you?
Two towns I love!  I went to law school in Boston, so it was a real pleasure returning to that part of the world while writing the book.  I currently live in London, and greatly enjoyed sharing some of my observations as an American expat.  I had fun playing with those details that make the UK different and interesting to an American.
The Secret Garden is central for the plot. What can represent a book for a person’s life?
THE SECRET GARDEN is by far my favorite book of all time, so on a personal level, I really wanted to take the opportunity to honor it, and in some ways write an homage.  But more importantly, its story of self-healing and redemption in the face of loss is keenly therapeutic and fit perfectly into AFTER YOU’s narrative. 
How change Ellie at the eyes of the reader during the story? How differently is perceived by the reader?
I think the reader starts out not quite understanding Ellie's motives for dropping her life in Boston and running to London to help take care of Sophie.  But as the story unfolds, we begin to see that much like with the character of Lucy, there is much more to Ellie than meets the eye.  We learn she may not be running towards a new life at all, but actually running away from her old one.  
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